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11/16/04 [Permalink]
Voting irregularities reported in Louisiana with a few precincts showing higher votes than voters and some voters wrongly blocked from voting on some propositions

Via Votersunite, here are some excerpts from the News Star:

Thomas said most of the discrepancies were found at three precincts: Precinct 29 at Dotson Park, and Precincts 30 and 30-B, both at Bastrop High School.

In Precinct 30, 72 more people voted in the election than signed the register; 98 in Precinct 30-B; and five in Precinct 29.

Thomas said she doesn't know how that happened but is classifying it as "commissioners' errors."

The commissioner in charge at the Bastrop High precincts, Alderwoman Beulah "Boo" Robinson, doesn't have an explanation.

"I was the commissioner in charge of two of the precincts in question, so I have a vested interest in this to see what happened," Robinson said. "We had five new commissioners, and they did a good job."

Robinson said she had opposed the tax hike because her constituents did not support it.

Even Alderman Arthur Hamlin, who supported the tax increase, said he had trouble voting on the issue because city propositions were locked out of his voting machine when he arrived at the polls around 6:30 a.m. on Election Day.

Twelve of the city's 30 precincts contained both city issues and parish issues. Commissioners were supposed to set the machines to lock-out issues on which voters were not to cast ballots. In some cases, voters found the wrong propositions locked.

Hamlin said a state-election commissioner was called to his Dunbar Library precinct to reset the machine.

The other proposition possibly impacted by the irregularities was a service charge increase for Bastrop Area Fire Protection District No. 2. The district covers the area surrounding Bastrop outside its city limits.

That issue passed by just 129 votes.



















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