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11/15/04 [Permalink]
Paperless e-voting machine locked up in Texas refusing to divulge voting results. Memory card shipped to Canada (!) to machine vendor Diebold - and vendor claimed to have "successfully" extracted the results

Via reader radtimes, a report in the Dallas Morning News:

For seven days, a paperless voting machine sat mute. It refused to tell Collin County elections officials and observers what votes it had recorded at Rose Mary Haggar Elementary School on Campbell Road.


The touch-screen machine locked up during voting Nov. 2 and was taken out of service. Election night, despite coaxing from technicians, the machine would not divulge results from 63 voters.


Officials gathered around again six days later, on Monday, but the machine wouldn't budge despite the best attempts by experts from the manufacturer, Diebold Election Systems.


They met again the following day. County elections officials reported they had sent the machine's memory card to Diebold laboratories in Canada so technicians there could attempt to extract the numbers. They reported that attempts were successful and that the results were finally in.


The mere fact that a piece of Collin County's election record left the country should be cause for concern.


We have called before for the county to heed the reasonable and widespread call for a verifiable paper record of every vote cast. The experience of the Haggar Elementary voting machine ought to point up the obvious pitfalls of this type of electronic voting machine.


Collin County spent $2.7 million to buy 700 of the touch-screen machines last year. Nov. 2 was the big test, with more than 154,000 voters heading to the polls.




























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